Data Handling

Our gratitude to THE LEARNING CHANNEL for making their Maths Textbooks freely available to the public.

Grade 10

Gr 10 Data Handling 1
Gr 10 Data Handling 2
Gr 10 Data Handling 3

Grade 11

Gr 11 Data Handling 1
Gr 11 Data Handling 2
Gr 11 Data Handling 3
Gr 11 Data Handling 4
Gr 11 Full Solutions To ALL Worksheets Activities

Grade 12

Gr 12 Data Handling 1
Gr 12 Data Handling 2
Gr 12 Data Handling 3
Gr 12 Data Handling & Probability

Our gratitude to MATHS 911 for making their Maths Textbooks freely available to the public.

Data Handling

Many thanks to Desiree Timmet of Statistics South Africa for the Data Handling workshops at various Western Cape schools and for making the the following Powerpoint presentations, notes, worksheets, tests and solutions freely available to all.

Powerpoint Presentations

Maths Core and optional assessment standards
Dispersion around the median
Dispersion around the mean
Grouped data
Histograms & frequency polygons
Cumulative frequency & ogives

Data Handling – Notes, Worksheets & Tests

Stem-and-Leaf display & Box-and-Whisker diagrams
Stem-and-Leaf & Box-and-Whisker Answers
Mean & Standard Deviation
Mean & Standard Deviation Answers
Working with grouped data
Cumulative Frequencies and Ogives
Bivariate Data & Scatter plots
Normal and skewed data
Using your calculator to investigate regression
Data Handling Test 1 ( 25 marks )
Data Handling Test 2 ( 50 marks )