Who are we?

We are a network of concerned and dedicated mathematics educators (see Endorsements page) teaching in schools and institutions throughout South Africa. Our stance as educators is one of proactive and progressive participation. We are all dedicated and committed to improving mathematics education in our country.

Our Objectives

To improve the standard of maths education and make maths more accessible to ALL South African learners.

We have established a network where we as professionals, can debate issues that affect us and the learners we teach; exchange ideas and resources; and become an effective pressure group for change – in this we have also established a dedicated mathematics website to achieve this goal.

How can you get involved ?

We would like you to examine the following article:

‘ Skewed Maths exams favour top learners and handicap the below-average ‘

and should you agree with our position – we would like you to air your views on our Blog.

On our Blog you will also be able to network, view and comment on fellow educators’ ideas on various maths related topics.

We also invite you to email us your best maths related resources that can be of great use to everyone in the classroom.

We look forward to your active participation.

Thank you for your time and interest.


Concerned Maths Educators